Alternative Information Sources

This category is for websites that contain information usually not provided by mainstream news media. Possible examples would be organizations that expose biased reporting, work for truth in advertising and present extended coverage of the problems experienced by minority groups in different societies. Some of these sites also provide opportunities for citizen journalism, so that anyone can submit news stories for possible publication. One beneficial effect of this is to increase the diversity of information that is available on the web.

AlterNet - This site offers original journalism and utilizes the best of other independent news sources. The site also provides a forum where media skeptics and minority representatives can express their opinions.

Disinformation - This website fills the needs of people who are looking for information that often seems to slip through the cracks of the huge media conglomerates. It aggregates thousands of the most shocking, strangest and offbeat news articles that can be found on the web, the majority of them submitted by members of the general public. Another purpose of this website is to expose and correct the dis-information, and even outright lies, being put out by certain U.S. political factions.

Common Dreams - On this site a community of activists, writers, and ordinary citizens provides breaking news from a progressive perspective, concentrating on the kind of information that is hard to find in the current corporate-dominated media. One of the goals of the site is to highlight the problems of United States society and to point the way to possible solutions. - This site specializes in lesser known stories that are often overlooked or intentionally avoided by the mainstream news organizations. The site includes an extensive archive of previously-published stories arranged by by subject matter.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - This national media watch group has been reporting on media censorship and bias since 1986. It works to promote balanced news coverage of political, economic, and religious issues, and it opposes attempts by governments and corporations to interfere or suppress particular stories. It also supports the rights of journalists to protect their confidential sources. The organization publishes Extra, a magazine of media criticism, and produces the radio program Counter Spin, which delves into the stories behind the headlines.

News of the Weird Website - The online home of the News of the Weird newspaper column reports a fresh batch of strange stories every week. Here you can read about amazingly dumb criminals, people with bizarre beliefs, crazy business ventures, and numerous other funny stories. Various sister sites have additional stories of specific types. You can also search an archive of odd situations and events that occurred in the past.

WikiLeaks [Active link has been removed} - This website allows anyone to be a whistle-blower by leaking documents, videos or photographs while remaining anonymous. Visitors to the site will see a large link that says "submit documents." Anything submitted is reviewed by a network of editors before being posted online. The website is operated by an organization called Sunshine Press and is supported by public donations. According to the about page, the mission is to promote political reforms by releasing suppressed information, but some of the published material has created considerable controversy, and the site has also been criticized by some United States officials as posing a threat to national security. Because of pressure from certain governments, the operators of the site have had difficulties in finding a reliable hosting service. Criminal charges against at least one person associated with the site are also being considered.

ReligionLink - The main purpose of Religion Link is to provide resources which help journalists write about religion with accuracy and balance. Special sections of the site include a guide to mega churches, a study of the abortion debate, and an analysis of religion's role in the U.S. military. There is also basic information about Islam. Buddhism, and other major belief systems. The material is meant to be independent of any religious or political influence.

Media Matters - In recent years many people have become aware that some news organizations intentionally disseminate mis-information to the American public in order to influence opinions about important political or social issues. Media Matters attempts to combat these deceptions by researching and publicly correcting misinformation as quickly as possible after it appears. To achieve this goal, its researchers constantly monitor various media outlets for inaccurate statements and misleading commentary. When errors are detected, notifications are sent to activists, journalists, and the general public. The organization also publishes in-depth research reports on controversial issues.

Global Voices Online - As a form of indirect censorship, corporate-controlled media organizations sometimes intentionally ignore or under-report certain news stories for political or economic reasons. In an attempt to counteract this hidden censorship, the Global Voices international community of more than 500 volunteer citizen reporters tries to publicize important news reports that would otherwise be disregarded. Because many of these reports come from third-world countries, they often throw light on societies that people in advanced countries aren't very knowledgeable about. Over time this should lead to better mutual understanding between peoples of different backgrounds and cultures.