Social Causes

This page lists websites that promote various social causes such as equal rights for women, elimination of discrimination against minorities, and protection of the elderly. Also included are sites that serve as a voice for groups in society which have been persecuted for their beliefs and opinions, such as small political parties, minor religious sects, and immigrants. - was created for ordinary people around the world who want to learn and do something about poverty. It has no political, religious, or corporate affiliation. According to the United Nations, everyday around the world roughly 25,000 people die of hunger or related causes. Unfortunately, this includes many children. Yet there is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone, and thousands of tons go to waste. But hungry people are trapped in severe poverty and lack the money to buy enough to feed themselves. Constantly malnourished, they become weaker and more susceptible to sickness and disease. This makes them even less able to work, which then makes them even poorer and less able to buy food, and so the appalling cycle is reinforced.

Abuse and Violence in Relationships - This site works to prevent abuse and violence against children, spouses, and the elderly. Special sections include reports and articles about domestic violence, child abuse, and mistreatment of sick and mentally-ill people. The site also includes a forum where individuals can describe their personal experiences of discrimination and abuse.

Broken Bodies - Broken Dreams - This site calls for an end to gender-based violence. It says that violence against women has been perpetrated in virtually every human society, both past and present, mainly through social and cultural norms that reinforce male-dominated power structures. Members of the organization believe that the struggle against this violence is nothing less than a demand for full human rights to be extended to all people everywhere. - According to this site, more than 800,000 children are reported missing in the United States every year, and an additional 500,000 cases go unreported. The site offers explanations for why so many children go missing (such as running away from an abusive parent or guardian), and publicizes recent news stories about missing children. There are also links to updated state by state lists of reported open cases maintained by law enforcement agencies.

Southern Poverty Law Center - This organization is dedicated to fighting hate, bigotry, and injustice in American society, with a special focus on protecting the most vulnerable members of the population. For this purpose, its two main weapons are legal action and education. It monitors the activities of political and religious hate groups, and uses lawsuits to try to combat these radical extremists. It also uses the courts to defend victims of bigotry and discrimination and to gain more legal protections for future targets of discrimination. Its educational activities include the online publication of Hate Watch, which is a chronicle of the activities of extremist groups and domestic terrorists.

Christwire - This website publishes fake satirical news articles about major social, political, and religious issues of interest to the American public. Most of the articles are parodies that seemingly express the views of right-wing conservatives, but are actually intended to ridicule them. Anyone looking for humorous views on current issues can find much to laugh about here. But be on your guard, because some of the parody is so subtle that employees of several mainstream news organizations have been tricked into thinking they were genuine.

Center for Public Integrity - This non-profit organization is one of the oldest and largest investigative news groups in the United States. Its purpose is to uncover and publicize dishonest practices of both public and private institutions. By exposing such practices, which include corruption, abuse of power, and neglect of duty, its members hope to pressure these institutions into operating more honestly and openly. The goal is to create an atmosphere in which the public interest is given priority. The organization's website, iWatch News, offers exclusive reports and commentary on the results of the investigations.

The Campaign for America's Future - The leadership of this organization believes that we are passing through one of the most crucial periods in U.S. history, and that current political developments will determine the future of American society for many decades to come. The organization hopes to bring together the elements of the modern progressive movement and support their work for positive changes in American life. Major goals include accessible education, the expansion of voting rights, and secure retirements for everyone. To achieve these goals, the leaders of the Campaign for America's Future believe that it is necessary to fight against the policies of the political conservatives who have caused so much damage to the country. The website contains frequent reports on the political battles with these conservative groups and the victories of the progressive movement.